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Education is that which liberates: Part 1

Copyright©2011 José Cossa

This idea... that "education is that which liberates" Triggers in me "uma inquietacao", a state of mind that is turbulent at best It tortures me... It torments me... It traumatizes me...

For many, this is liberating: That I learned to read in linguistic codes foreign to my people That I embraced the value system of those who once oppressed my people That I became complacently accepting of the cognitive system of those who disregarded mine Now I am highly educated yet Now I am inescapably trapped in a reality of utmost dependence

But... This I must deny This I must accept as liberation This I must believe is good for me, for my people, for my world

Encapsulated in this reality is a world out there... my world, our world A sea of people waiting to be liberated A sea of people waiting to be educated A sea of people... A sea... of... people!

Encapsulated in this purgatory of hope is a myriad of souls hopeful souls A myriad of souls awaiting their turn to savor a liberating education Encapsulated, waiting, hopeful...

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